Student Placement Program

Picabeen welcomes student placements from a range of educational institutions and disciplines who add value to our team. Students bring fresh perspectives and current academic teachings that contribute significantly to what Picabeen can offer. Students are given valuable experience in the workforce in a supported environment. Students are typically assigned to different tasks, projects and event planning during their placement which they dedicate their learning and time to.

Ivan, Amber-lee, Muku,Kalee & Amose - Student Placements Semester 2- 2023

"This is my first placement for my Bachelor of Social Work at QUT. I’m blessed. This placement allows me to contribute to my communities. Picabeen is a great community centre the best know in Brisbane city. The inclusiveness and richness of support given by the staff and volunteer in the organisations make me feel supported. The project that I am working on is about Opportunities for change in the disability area. We are working on a project named Opportunities for Change. This project aims to promote inclusion at Picabeen. Our goal is to support people with a disability to volunteer and/or participate in activities and services at Picabeen and The Change Room (Op-shop).

We are also working on improving our service to give the best support and assistance our participants and volunteers. My project, I feel also promotes inclusion and reduces social isolation in the communities. Where Covid-19 has an impact on every person’s life, it had contributed a lot of negative impacts to the community. By acknowledging the impact of the pandemic, we would like to help, support, and assist our local communities in improving their life and well-being.

These ideas have prompted us to tell the community that they are not alone, and Picabeen is here to help and assist."

Semester 1 Student

"Thank you for having me this Semester - It is such an honour for me to be a part of Picabeen. All of you have provided me with a good and amazing memory and experience" - Marcus Semester 2 - 2022

"Thank you for accepting me for my placement. I have learnt so many valuable things here that I will be able to take with me into my work. Thank you for being such a warm welcoming team -hopefully well cross paths in my future endeavours" - Kobie  Semester 2 - 2022

Gallery of Students who have undertaken a placement at Picabeen

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